Massachusetts Short Sale Negotiation

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Nick and I have been actively working with homeowners in Massachusetts since 2008, to avoid foreclosure.  Massachusetts Short Sale Negotiation has definitely become much more regulated by the lenders and we have a very thorough process to assist homeowners to give them an optimal resolution.  Feel free to call us TODAY for more information!!
Feel free [...]

The Drive by BPO in Short Sales – Massachusetts New Hampshire

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The Drive By…
There are certain buzz words in short sales that make me cringe. DRIVE BY BPO happens to one of those phrases.
I called into SPS (Select Portfolio Services) last week. We are working on a property that is extremely time sensitive as there is an auction date in January. When I spoke to the [...]

3rd Third party Short Sale Negotiator New Hampshire (buyer paid fees) obtains $23,000 for Seller

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3rd party Short Sale Negotiator New Hampshire obtains $23,000 for Seller
I don't normally post short sale testmonials on our blog site. just get my tireless banter on this site. You can read the testmonials if you have any interest on the Short Sale Mitigation site, but I've NEVER had a testimonial [...]

It’s a Short Sale People. STOP TREATING IT LIKE AN REO!!! New Hampshire Massachusetts Short Sale

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It’s been a crazy week for us. We had three closings, a lot of scrambling, driving and then two listings came in today that we assigned out to the Realtors we work with. (Side note: Congrats Cheryl Dwyer on Cohasset!)
On occasion, we have a homeowner call us that lives in an area that [...]